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Advancing your career?

RollAngle is always looking for talents. If you like rolling up your sleeves and get a kick in tackling problems, we want you.

As an employer and a work space, we are:

  • Constantly reinventing and challenging ourselves – it’s both a necessity and a hobby
  • Open and curious – to learning and to new solutions. None of us know everything and there’s multiple ways to do the same thing. Facts.
  • Go-getters – if you expect things to be given, go somewhere else. Snacks in the pantry (especially) included.
  • Communication is not only preferred. It’s required.
  • Healthy, upbeat and flexible – We believe in letting our people do things their way. We are no factory.
  • Dying to be inspired – Have an idea? Have a story? Have a weird hobby to share? Bring it, and more importantly, bring your true self to work every day.


Sounding good? Send something to and let’s talk. Your career might be there.

Graduate openings

Copywriter / Senior Copywriter


Full-Stack Web Developer / Web Application Engineer