about us

When we take care of our clients, our clients will take care of us.

Being one ourselves, we understand the challenges SMEs face –
you want to focus on running your business, not fussing about what to post on social media, or to code your own website. Maybe you haven’t thought of CRM. Maybe you haven’t thought of building a database to nurture.

“That’s where RollAngle* comes in.”

We strive to make marketing straight-forward for you, and effective for your business

– if that means doing a print ad, or handling your Facebook posts, or simply having some in-store poster, or setting up an eCommerce store – that’s what we’ll do.

Our peers define themselves as social media agencies, as media agencies, creative agencies (what does that even mean?), CRM agencies, digital agencies – that’s great, but that’s also not what SMEs need – how do you manage an entire army of agencies, all being specialists but relying on you to have that big picture thinking?

Instead, you need one that can help you get started – get the fundamentals going and harvest early successes, so while you can catch a breather, you also get a foundation you can build on.

“That’s just how we roll.”

* RollAngle, in analogy to the piloting term, aims to rotate your business around its own axis without changing its direction.

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