Internship programme

Our internship program provides young and enterprising talents with abundant hands-on experience and opportunities in accounting, managing, and even meeting with decision makers.

You will find a relatively flexible and free working environment at RollAngle along with ample guidance from our leaders, and challenging yet fulfilling tasks. Here you could learn from our leaders about up-to-date industry knowledge, interpersonal communication skills, a working mindset and more in a short period of time.

Moreover, a working opportunity with RollAngle does not end at the completion of our summer internship program. We intend to establish and maintain long-term connections with young talents showing satisfactory performance.

Time and duration are flexible. For applicants: please specify your date of availability in your application and submit your CV to Read the sharing below from our interns to learn more about their experience.


Wendy Wu

Yr 2, International Business and Chinese Enterprise, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Marketing and Business Strategy, Summer 2020

The time spent with RollAngle has been a fulfilling and eye-opening experience for my career development as well as personal development. My colleagues are a group of welcoming and creative individuals. The working environment is one of the best things during my internship.

Through my 10 weeks at RollAngle, my colleagues provided a lot of guidance during work. The company welcomes questions and opinions. My managers would respect my choice of interest and try their best to arrange work related to my preferred fields. In the marketing team, I felt my opinions were well-valued and I was deeply involved in different company projects. I was even entrusted to manage several marketing accounts for RollAngle, including pitching digital project ideas to clients and coming up with a new marketing initiative for one of the clients.

Another attracting factor that makes RollAngle unique is the diversity of tasks and learning opportunities, in fields of designing, marketing, consulting and business developing. The different skills acquired from different departments equip me to handle more difficult tasks and understand a business more.

After all, the internship experience at RollAngle exceeds my expectations and was a great learning opportunity. I look forward to meeting them again in office soon.


Vianna Ngai

Yr 2, Global Business Studies, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Marketing and Business Strategy, Summer 2019

Working at RollAngle has been an enjoyable and fruitful experience for me. Throughout the last two months, I was given the opportunities to help with different kinds of tasks, including brainstorming, doing research, design, making pitch decks, etc. which all increased my understandings in the marketing business. Therefore, although it is such a short time, I have gained a lot of knowledge about social media marketing and marketing technology.

One of the main factors which made this internship outstanding is that I could choose to engage in tasks that I am more interested in. I was able to explore various projects and was even assigned to manage an internal digital project which I relished a lot. As I was given much responsibility, I was able to learn a lot during the process which made these two months extremely rewarding.

Furthermore, I was also provided with a lot of guidance and help. Although I have limited experience in the marketing industry, the colleagues still trusted me with varied tasks and proffered me immense help and support which I am very grateful for. The friendly atmosphere in the office also made this internship truly enjoyable.

By and large, my experience at RollAngle in the last two months has exceeded my expectations tremendously, and I am very glad to have spent this summer at RollAngle.

Christina Lam

Yr 4, International Liberal Arts-Global Business Program, Akita International University
Marketing & Business Strategy, Winter 2019

Interning at RollAngle has been a valuable and eye-opening experience. They are truly a group of warm and fun individuals with some of the most interesting stories to tell. Getting to know them was definitely one of the highlights. It was inspiring to hear them talk about their visions and how they are guided by their passions.

Seven weeks at RollAngle was indeed relatively short, nevertheless the amount of new experiences gained during the internship have exceeded my expectations. Work-wise, you have a supportive team. Guidance was available throughout the internship, and so were the opportunities to take on new tasks. On my very first day, I was already entrusted with a press release translation task – the truth is, the team is willing to give you the chance to attempt new things. All you have to do is to ask. Work was exciting because of the diverse nature of the tasks. Throughout the internship, I got assigned responsibilities in multiple aspects of business, from Marketing and Communication, Business Development, to General Operations & Digital Projects. The amount of exposure is great, especially if you are soon to be entering the business world. In addition to work, there were also opportunities to experience and learn. During my time there, I had the chance to attend a business networking event with the team and have also participated in a few in-house training workshops. Those are some of the other highlights. After all, it is not every day you get to be involved to such great extents as an intern.

All in all, it was a rewarding internship experience. The friendly workplace and favourable environment for continuous learning is everything. I will never forget the daily lunch invites and that wall of books in the office. The team have taught me not only knowledge in marketing, but also valuable career and life lessons. I am grateful to have met the passionate professionals at RollAngle.


Cindy Lam

Yr2, Hospitality and Communication, Boston University
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2018

Given that it was my first ever internship, I must admit that I was extremely nervous on my first day of work. Everything was so new to me as I have no prior experience in the marketing industry. Thankfully I feel so welcomed by the team and for them being so supportive throughout my time at RollAngle. Even though I’m a newbie to the company, they trusted me fully and assigned me with various tasks in different areas which allow me to explore what I’m most interested in. I found it challenging at first, but thanks to my mentors and everyone who were willing to teach me and constantly giving me feedbacks on my work, I have gained more and more confidence and developed both hard and soft skill sets at work. I can tell by personal experience that they not only ask for my contribution to the company but want me to get the most out of the internship as well.

At RollAngle, teamwork is one of the most important aspects because a lot of the tasks involved coordinating with other departments. It was a great opportunity to get to know the daily operation of other departments and be able to learn new things from other fields. Under my teammates’ guidance, I was also trusted with working closely with clients and handling tasks on my own. I doubt if I would have the opportunity to communicate with clients directly throughout the whole project if I were to work in a larger, more traditional company. I feel valued and trusted at RollAngle.

My internship at RollAngle has taught me more than I could have imagined. I’m so grateful that I got the chance to work with all the people there. The have all shown me what professionalism, teamwork and friendship are, and I’ll never forget the time we spent together, whether it’s team lunches, office jokes or eating snack together at the office! 🙂


Frank Wong

Yr 3, Global Business and Marketing, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2017

Choosing a company to work as an intern for is always a tough question for students, especially for a penultimate year student like me. But I was fortunate to stay in a right place the last summer. Working at RollAngle for three months enabled me to achieve more than what I had expected and it was another live example of why one could actually learn more in a small-to-middle-sized company rather than a multi-national corporation.

Being different from ordinary internships, I had the chance to meet with two managers before I got hands on with the tasks to discuss about my anticipated achievements throughout the internship. That set a clearer direction of what sort of projects I would get assigned to. Then, it came the responsibility and freedom to perform which you normally would not have in big companies: not only did I get involved in design of multiple digital campaigns of different clients from a mix of industries, I was also given the chance to construct part of the company portfolio and pitching deck. Through in-depth industry research and idea formation, the former tasks granted me opportunities to interact and work with real-life business clients, while the latter tasks also allowed me to learn more about the technical side of building a campaign as well as some upcoming trends within the digital marketing industry.

Apart from being a good learning place, RollAngle was as well a great place to make new friends. All the colleagues, including the founders there, were very nice and hospitable. And as the team would always have lunch together, it was not hard to get myself familiar with them. The joy I had while working with them, in addition to the experience gained in RollAngle, definitely made my summer last year count.


Bertilla Chow

Yr 2, LLB at University College London
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2016

Working at RollAngle for two months was the highlight of my first summer after my first year at university. As a law student, I wanted exposure to how businesses operate, and it would prove invaluable for me in the future to know where my clients are coming from as they express business concerns.

One great feature about an internship at RollAngle is the amount of responsibility you get given. From the very start, you are asked about what you want to get out of the internship, and from that point on, what your internship would become is really what you choose to make of it. Having been selected for the internship, you are of course expected to enjoy a good challenge. Being no exception myself, I asked for lots of tasks so that I could have a go at almost anything, ranging from market research for clients, to reaching out to prospective business partners on behalf of clients. One extraordinary instance was when I vaguely expressed an interest in computer programming (for which I had buckets of enthusiasm yet almost absolutely no experience), and the team at RollAngle gracefully arranged for me to have a go at writing HTML/CSS and JavaScript code even though it was no doubt a great risk for them to take on, given my unreserved inexperience. During my web development project, I also had much contact with the client, which, challenging as it was, have been very useful to have as a student shielded from the realities of dealing with clients. Though I am still by no means proficient, I have RollAngle to thank for a relatively speedy basic grasp of fundamental aspects of web development (doubtless at the expense of much time and effort by other coders on the team patiently teaching and re-teaching me extremely basic skills and knowledge I hasten to add!).

The bottom line is that RollAngle is a small but dynamic team, which is crucial if you want responsibility. You will be hard pressed to find another place that gives you more autonomy and growth within such a short period of time.

Justin Chow

Sophomore, Computer Science & Economics w/ Business Studies Minor, New York University
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2016

In an ever-growing competitive professional world, there’s nothing more valuable and important than experiencing a true working environment with a summer internship. I’ve completed a few internships before, but I honestly believe that the 10 weeks I spent working with RollAngle have given me the most eye-opening and interesting summer working experience yet!

If you watch any of Jack Ma’s (Founder of Alibaba) speeches, you’ll hear him say, “Before you turn 30 years old, go to a small company. You learn the passion, you learn the dreams. You learn to do a lot of things at one time.” After this summer, I can say he’s definitely right. I’ve seen the hard work RollAngle’s staff puts in every project, and it’s inspiring. I felt challenged, yet motivated to take on projects that intimidated me from the get-go. Moreover, working for a “smaller” company allowed me to take on tasks of a variety of functions, and learn even more than I would if I had ended up doing coffee runs for a “large” firm.

What’s more, after reading what’s been said from interns who worked here prior, I’ll agree that the RollAngle team is one of the most supportive, professional, and down to earth group you’ll meet. I was met with valuable constructive feedback and guidance on every project I took part of, and appreciate the professional support that I was given. Moreover, the team makes an incredible effort to get to know you on a casual level as well. I found that frequent team meals and fun gatherings definitely helped establish trustful relationships, and opening myself up to the team allowed me to take part of projects I truly cared about and enjoyed.

Looking for experience in the marketing industry, learn about how an office works on all levels, and teach me skills that aren’t necessarily taught in college/school; I’m glad I chose to spend my summer at RollAngle.

Adrian Law

Yr 4, Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2016

Interning in RollAngle was not my first experience in the related industries, yet I had the most surprising three months with the steepest learning curve – to try out as many/different tasks as possible.

It is not common that an intern could have the opportunity to participate in the face-to-face client works, not to say the earliest project pitching. Not until I had the exposure to the client meetings, I couldn’t imagine the difficulties of tackling different kinds of clients, and what corresponding techniques should be used. Indeed, it’s really a precious training to get a heads-up on the challenge in the real world.

In RollAngle, there’re always new things to learn and discover. From elaboration to execution, skill set could be diversified by engaging into different projects. What’s more, not only did the forks help and give concrete advices on the tasks, but they also tried to share their visions and prospects on i.e. industry and market so that I could have a better understanding of the local SME ecosystem.

To highlight, the fun and friendly environment is definitely one of the most attractive reasons I got excited to work everyday. From daily lunch to breakfast sharing, to watching movie together – yay a random tgif movie after work – there’re so many greats times we could exchange interesting/new/innovate stuffs and more importantly, to get closer and closer to the team.

It’s truly a great place for those who are keen to learn and wanted to challenge themselves, and the exposure would be much more rewarding than you ever think.


Yiran Xu

Graduate, MA, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2015

I believe that the key success of a company hinges on its people. During my 3-month stint at RollAngle, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with some friendly, passionate, creative people who strive to provide great customer services and create a fair, fun working environment.

They trusted me as part of the team and assigned me to various challenging and important tasks. Aside from communicating and working closely with our clients, I was encouraged to make decisions based on my own research in the real business world. But I was never alone – my colleagues were always there for me. They were willing to sit down and discuss with me; they listened to, appreciated and guided me, which made me feel valued.

Yes, they treated me more than an intern. They told me about RollAngle’s history and shared their vision and insights with me. I was inspired and had a taste of what entrepreneurship truly means. RollAngle is such a wonderful place to try, learn, and grow. If you are a non-local, you’re bound to understand the local culture better and improve your spoken Cantonese.

Working in a dynamic, creative environment with this excellent team of professionals not only pushes me further every day, but also made my time here even more rewarding and precious.

Janice Cheung

Yr 2, Global Business and Marketing, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2015

I have just declared Marketing as my second major at the end of my year 2 studies, and was really hoping to find an internship that will provide me exposure into the industry. Not only did RollAngle give me insight into the marketing industry, especially with social media platforms, it was also a great work place filled with people who are enthusiastic and passionate about their work.

The best thing about RollAngle was the amount of trust everyone gave me, giving me autonomy over the work that I was responsible for. Every day was a new challenge and filled with new things to learn from. Multiple projects were handled simultaneously, ranging from small copywriting assignments to big website remodeling projects. It was all very interesting and valuable to me because as a student with no previous experience, I got to see projects from multiple clients at the same time.

There was a lot of guidance and support along the way and there was definitely a great team dynamic amongst everyone in the office. At times it felt more like one big family having a great time together than a traditional office setting. This was also one of the unexpected outcomes that I’ve gained through the internship – it helped me realized that this is the exact type of setting that I would love to work in in the future.

RollAngle’s internship gave me opportunities to work on different aspects of marketing and consulting – brainstorming ideas, design, research, data analysis etc. It gave me a chance to meet a team of great people and most perhaps importantly, helped reinforced my initial decision to choose marketing as a major.

Without a doubt, this has been the best internship experience I’ve had so far.

Hayley Kwan

Yr 1, MEng Computing, Imperial College London
Business Analysis & Marketing Technology, Summer 2015

Working at RollAngle has been quite a unique experience. 10 weeks sounded to be a long time, but there are so much I still want to do. I recommend anyone who wishes to learn and challenge themselves to join the friendly team.

I chose to work at RollAngle because I felt that the company really accommodates interns after reading the stories from previous interns. Having worked here, I am happy to say they are all true! RollAngle has a small team and a strong sense of community. People here care about what happens in the world, not just inside Hong Kong, and are interested in who you are and what you are interested in. They make a serious effort to connect with you on a casual level, building relationships on top of work. It was easy to get to know my colleagues through lunches and fun internal events. They were definitely a joy to work with.

At RollAngle, interns get much responsibilities and freedom. The RollAngle team is happy to give you projects in topics you prefer. Instead of following someone’s footsteps, simply scribbling notes and making coffee, I was trusted to take the lead in internal projects which I found very enjoyable. My contributions were visible and were taken seriously. My other responsibilities included copywriting, programming and market research. Although I had no experience in marketing and web development when I joined the team, I very much enjoyed learning by doing. With support from the team, I learnt so much that I wouldn’t have on my own.

One feature of RollAngle’s culture is the emphasis on input. They care about what you have to say and are keen to see people taking initiative. Stimulating discussions and new ideas are often brought to the table. Such an encouraging environment really sparks creativity and efficiency.

I have truly enjoyed the summer working at RollAngle. The work culture is inspiring, and I learnt so much working in the marketing industry. I hope to get more opportunities like this in the future.

Sam Sek

Yr 3, BEng in Information Engineering, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Marketing Technology & Communications, Summer 2015

Working on various projects of RollAngle allows me to fully develop and sharpen my existing skills. RollAngle emphasizes on team work. Colleagues are willing to share their skills. As a student majoring in Information Engineering, my programing skills have improved a lot. Apart from programing skills, some practical skills such as graphic design, marketing and interpersonal skills have been nurtured. No matter being an intern or full-time employee, everyone possess a chance to voice out our opinions. I really enjoy the working atmosphere at RollAngle. RollAngle provides me with the valuable experience of learning from expertise and the motivation to challenge myself.


Rie Alkemade

Graduate, MA, Universiteit Utrecht
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2014

Though my internship with RollAngle was a fairly short one – 3 months as a summer intern – it was definitely an experience worth sharing. As a fresh graduate with no real background or previous experience in marketing or branding, I didn’t know what exactly to expect when I joined the team. But now having gone through the internship, I can look back and say that the internship is a great chance for those wishing to learn and be guided.

At RollAngle, even as an intern you’re given a great about of responsibility, instead of just fetching coffee or answering phone calls. I was given several internal projects which were my responsibility, instead of tagging along someone else’s and acting as assistant or secretary. I was given my own client to work with, and I was invited to attend meetings with these clients and encouraged to input my own opinion and even lead the conversations rather than being expected to sit and be mute. As unexpected as this was, it was a great learning and growing experience; despite giving you this amount of responsibility and freedom, the team will still guide you and make sure you’re staying afloat.

Not only that, but at RollAngle they care about your opinion and input – they care about what you have to say. Periodically they’ll sit you down for a one-on-one meeting and ask how things are going, if you’re too overwhelmed (or too underwhelmed) with the work they’ve given you, if there’s anything you don’t understand or have any questions about. They really mentor your way through the entire internship, which as a current student or a fresh graduate is ideal.

At RollAngle they also really build a strong sense of community within the team itself. It’s not a large team, so it’s easy to get to know all your colleagues and the other interns. Though the team is largely Cantonese-speaking, they’ll make an effort to switch to English to accommodate the non-local members as well. Team lunches are common, and they’ll try to build a relationship with everyone on not just a professional level but also a more casual, friendly one.

What can I say – overall, the summer internship programme RollAngle provides is a really great learning experience for anyone who wants to get their foot into the industry, no matter their background.

Belinda Chan

Yr 3, International Business & Chinese Enterprise, CUHK
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2014

This is the second year that I work at RollAngle as a summer intern. Something changed, something didn’t. Let’s start with what didn’t change first. RollAngle continues to give me a lot of challenging tasks and responsibilities on projects. I said challenging because we get to be involved in different sorts of working experience, from marketing to product development, internal development and even website design. The flexible and free working environment at RollAngle is highly stressed. What this means is we can always speak freely from our minds and be heard. We are all encouraged to be creative and to make our own decisions.

So, what has changed? Like I said, the team takes every member seriously and they really try to get to know each of us; therefore, this year, I have the opportunity to be assigned with projects that are not only of my interest but also compatible with my strength. The team has also grown significantly over the past year, which provides the opportunities to even learn more from each other.

No matter it is this year or last year, I have never failed to learn a lot at RollAngle. The team not only strives to give the best for the clients, of course, but also strives to provide opportunities, skills and knowledge for each member.


Karen Yip

Yr 1, Integrated BBA, CUHK
Marketing & Business Strategy, Summer 2013

RollAngle provides very fresh and vibrant working, and learning environment. Creativity and interactions are greatly encouraged here where I always get chances to express my views. My input and achievement is always visible and approved, which is the key to a positive motivation.

Fun and sweetness come with challenge and struggle for sure. As a university undergraduate student, what I have learnt at school has been pretty broad. I was in doubt whether I could handle real work place tasks. I found it a bit difficult coming up with a full and structural strategic marketing plan, and was not sure what the clients were looking for and what would actually work. However, people here in RollAngle were very generous, where I was taught and inspired through the process step by step.

I was also encouraged to focus on tasks that I was keener on. To me personally, I always enjoy creative writing. In RollAngle, I was allowed to handle the bilingual copywriting tasks for Facebook ads and posts with much trust and freedom given by the company. This is how I realized how crucial and nice it is, to be trusted in a working environment, as well as to know that my contribution is important.

A fun, inspiring and creative working environment like RollAngle, is what I definitely would look for after my graduation few years later.

Belinda Chan

Yr 2, International Business & Chinese Enterprise, CUHK
Marketing & Visual Communications, Summer 2013

I look forward to going to work every morning. This could not simply sound more cliché than ever. I know. But isn’t this the feeling that one must have when they found ‘the’ job? It is a weird and unfamiliar feeling for myself, admitting that I am an absolutely awful person with waking up issues, I suppose I just could not wait to get my work doneDefinitely not a workaholic, no way; I guess this brings me down to saying that I am rather impatient, maybe just a little. Why would I say that? Well, I simply could not wait to 1. Admire the results of our team’s work when it’s done, and 2. Witness the take-off of the new start of our client’s business.

No offense! But as merely a summer intern at anywhere, I wouldn’t have expected myself to find a sense of belongingness, but I DID. Friendly relationships and strong team spirits were built in an instant under the fun and exciting environment RollAngle aims to provide, at the same time setting an open platform to allow free exploration of yourself. I have inspired, and I was inspired. There is no set boundaries to my responsibilities at work. Being highly involved in multiple projects all set in different industries, has expanded my knowing and insight beyond. My work involves executing marketing researches and competitive analysis, social media copywriting, re-branding consultation and formulating business strategies.

Any challenges? Maybe, but definitely there is the element of “challenging”, also known as RollAngle’s most active activity. We are a passionate team of creative individuals that tend to challenge each other’s creativity, rather often. If you like to be challenged, here you go, this is the job for you!

Apologizing for my cliché-ness again (which I think it’s more like pure classiness), but if I have to use a word to describe RollAngle, the word would be ‘reality’. Working here is real, it is fast, and it takes place forthwith; we envision, we execute and we witness. This is a place where fantasy meets reality.