ways we can help


WHY do you exist?

Brand Positioning and Go-to-Market Strategy 

A recurring situation we see is the market not sharing that passion and belief in a business idea as much as the owners do. What we can help with is be the voice of the customer and give you our honest opinion on how you should position your business, products and services. It might be a matter of tweaking some features, or simply saying it in a different way.

In essence, we help your target customers (and you) figure out WHY your business exists, WHY it should matter and WHY they should buy from you (at all, and not from a competitor) – it’s not just about logos and colors and tone and manners, it’s figuring out your business’ essence and soul.

WHERE and HOW should your story be told?

Media and Creative Strategy

If the last part is about knowing it yourself, this pillar is about telling others. Simply said, WHERE should you put your marketing dollar – Print ads? Online banners? Or blow them on the KOLs? And how do all of them even work together so you’re not just literally all over the place?

HOW you tell your story is equally important. Do you have a creative angle to put out? Do you want to be funny or professional? Would a video work? Should it be in documentary style? This also goes into content creation – your social media posts, your sales kit, your stationaries. Heck. Your business card even.

WHO will manage your activities?

Outsourced Marketing Management 

The real question is, will your time be better spent elsewhere building your business, instead of managing all the above? The answer is likely yes. As with classic outsourcing thinking, looking to an external service provider helps you stay agile while being able to tap into various subject matter expertise without adding significant overhead cost. Flexibility and cost efficiency. Check.

WHAT technology should you employ?

Incorporating appropriate marketing technologies to add value 

Technologies are cool (just ask our Horris), but they are equally overwhelming and distracting. We will help sift through the many options out there and recommend one that is appropriate for you based on your need. Classic questions such as mobile vs. desktop, app vs. website, do I need a social media management tool? How do I start with CRM? What’s this whole marketing automation thing?

Relax, we got you.