Our partnership with Zealous, a Hong Kong-based retailer selling New Zealand’s Linden Leaves beauty products, began in 2012 when the company approached us in helping them build their eCommerce website. After a short while, the management of Zealous decided to put the business on hold, focusing instead on other business ventures; but eventually when they sought to reactivate this business RollAngle once again worked closely with Zealous in spreading their brand image on Facebook and relaunching their retail business, gaining momentum on Facebook and attracting hundreds of Likes for the company and its products. This increased attention led to a significant increase of product sales and profit, as RollAngle was able to position the company effectively to attract the attention of the right market and the right audiences through highly specific targeting.

Currently, due to the rising costs in restocking products the business has ceased as the management focuses their effort on other business investments. Nonetheless, we believe that this case demonstrates how RollAngle works efficiently and successfully in gaining the right people’s attention and attraction for your company and your products to drive sales and profit.


DATE: 2012 – 2014
CLIENT: Zealous
FACEBOOK: zealous.com.hk