Newway Electrical Industries (HK) Ltd. is a fully integrated global ODM/ OEM manufacturer under Kin Yat Holdings Limited, offering a wide variety of kitchen and household appliances for worldwide markets. The company approached us to help repackage and rebrand Newway into a more modern identity, and create a new look different from the more industrial design of their previous brochure and catalogue. Our team set about in creating this transformation; our design team decided to work with the orange color already present in their logo as a base, and incorporated the color orange as a major part of Newway’s brand identity, and using the color throughout their projects to create and keep the image consistency. Through this, RollAngle went about revamping Newway into a fresh, fun, and modern-looking brand. RollAngle worked closely with Newway in the development of their new brochure in line with this image, as well as in the development of their web design, allowing for an easy download of the electronic version of the brochure for customers.
RollAngle was also involved in the design of Newway’s booth graphic design during their participation in an electronics fair, designing their booth to align with the new fresh image that Newway sought to represent.


DATE: 2012
CLIENT: Newway Electrical Industries (HK)
Graphic Design