LST Partners is a hedge fund company in Hong Kong, newly founded in 2013. With knowledge of relations between Asian and global companies, LST Partners specialize in providing advice on both long-term and short-term investments worldwide.

RollAngle was commissioned to create LST Partners’ official website in 2014. To project a clean professional image, we featured the interior of the office on the website with concise descriptions. Pictures are gray-scaled to give the brand a historical hint, and hence alluding the founder and staff’s financial experiences. A log in page is available to let LST Partners’ clients gain access to their investment information.



Year: 2014
Client: LST Partners

Objective: To create an official website in a professional manner

Challenge: Reflecting brand image without using too many numbers

Solution: Use grayscaled photos of the interior of the office and colour scheme matching the company logo

Result: Sleek simple website projecting a professional image