In 2014, RollAngle worked with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) in setting up the website for their MPhil Program in Technology Leadership and Entrepreneurship (TLE). The TLE program was a newly-established Master’s program under HKUST’s School of Engineering, and its mission was to focus on cultivating a strong technological and business background among its students so that they could become future entrepreneurs. This program takes an interdisciplinary approach, differing from many other programs tha solely focus on technology or business. Such an innovative program requires a unique approach to their website development.

In developing the TLE page, we positioned it in a way that would attract prospective students who are interested in the business-and-technology combination of the program and who have a strong entrepreneurial spirit. We aimed to bring out the appeal of the entrepreneurship-oriented aspect instead of just focusing on the technological aspect of the program. As mentioned above, because most other programs focus solely on one of the two fields, our website design highlights the unique dual-focused nature of the TLE program.

We were passionate in creating the TLE page in attracting future entrepreneurs: the idea of the program interested us, as we strongly encourage the notion of training young entrepreneurs, and because the vision and philosophy of the program is in line with RollAngle’s own vision. For us, this was not simply a job to be done but something we felt strongly about. Because at RollAngle we focus on and work with SMEs and startups, we believe in helping engineers acquire the necessary entrepreneurial skills and knowledge and wish to support them.


DATE: 2014