In 2014, RollAngle has embarked on a journey to revamp the website appearance and functionality of Greenland Biotech Ltd, a scientifically innovative company founded by a group of scientists at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

After 10 years of dedicated research, the company has launched its first disinfectant technology, Germfree7. The patented product is an anti-microbial spray which controls the spread of bacteria, virus and fungus for an extended period, without the need to rinse or reapply on a daily basis. Designed to be used in hospitals or areas constantly exposed to viruses, the spray is proven to kill 99.9% of harmful microorganism for at least a week after one application.

In order to enable and market such a powerful and innovative product, Greenland Biotech Ltd requires a sleek and hospital-like website to reach their main target group — the medical and hospital industry. With that aim in mind, the RollAngle team has redesigned the webpage into a more modern and efficient site with a strong pharmaceutical focus. By improving its web interface, graphics, and using new technologies such as CMS, we have increased the flexibility for both the customers and the company. Our developers have also allowed a functionality for the company to upload and edit documents directly on the website for viewing and approval. Additionally, we have created high quality, touched up photographs of the Germfree7 product from our studio to sculpt a more clinical and professional image.

In redeveloping Greenland Biotech Ltd’s page, we positioned it in a way that it would attract professional doctors, pharmaceuticals and hospitals who would be interested in innovative and highly effective clinical products. Hence, we have incorporated all these new elements to the website to highlight the uniqueness and power of Germfree7. By redesigning the entire web interface and injecting more professional, clinical graphics, we have achieved the ultimate goal of a better positioning of Germfree7 in the medical industry, while reinforcing the company’s innovative image.



Year: 2014
Client: Greenland Biotech Limited