Founded in 1997, Forbidden City Ltd. produces contemporary Chinese furniture for customers worldwide. Collaborating with several European designers, Forbidden City products show an aesthetically pleasing fusion of classic Chinese traditions and modern living.

Due to the fact that the luxury market is currently on the decline, RollAngle aimed to raise Forbidden City’s ranking amongst other high-end reliable producers. Therefore, our biggest task was to increase conversion rates from online visits to actual in-store visits. To do this, we created two websites: one for computers, and the other for mobile phones. Our goal was to lay out a professional digital theme that reflects Forbidden City’s brand image, and to improve search engine management (SEM) to make it easy for first-time internet visitors to come across the website. Overall, the websites along with the assistance of SEM, managed to generate a noticeable increase in online to in-store conversion visitors.


Year: 2014
Client: Forbidden City Ltd.

Objective: To create two websites (Computer Responsive + Mobile)

Challenge:  Due to the fact that the luxury market is currently declining, RollAngle’s scope was to not boost the entire industry, but place Forbidden City as one of the best firms amongst its competitors.

Solution: Create two websites that articulate Forbidden City as being a high-end and reliable producer/retailer. Provide and improve SEM to increase customer engagement.

Result: Noticeable increase in conversion from Google website to actual retail location