Cypin is an event organizer connecting pharmaceutical professionals from the U.S. and Greater China. Online registration for the organized seminars and conferences is crucial for their business. RollAngle has worked closely with Cypin through their business process and has stayed synchronized with their pace and development. We actively devised strategies and solutions to refine their business continually, and assisted them to stay competitive in the market.

In 2011, when Cypin started up, we provided a one-off quick solution to briefly present their company. Additionally, we also provided business advice on ways to build connections with customers. For example, through our experience in data analytics and automation, Cypin has transformed from manual data crawling to automated data extraction. This saves time and allows for Cypin to focus on other activities such as customer research for better customer relationships.

Following this in 2012, when Cypin started to grow and organize more conferences, each conference required an individual website. We designed a solution that builds the framework for quick and easy replications of consistent websites. Each conference has its own customized website with its specific information and graphics. Adobe Contribute was adopted as the CMS system and on average it took just one week for a new conference site to be built. By saving time and money, Cypin can spend more effort on capturing sales leads.

In 2013, a social forum was built to continue conversations and knowledge-sharing outside the events. To give incentives to the audience, it became possible to download papers from past conferences from the forum.   By constructing the online community, Cypin was able to build a customer database through CMS.


DATE: 2010 – 2013
CLIENT: Cypin Production LLC