Beginning in 2012, RollAngle has been working closely with Crown Take, a currency exchange platform where customers can exchange Hong Kong Dollars to Chinese Renminbi (and vice-versa) to their Allipay account, an online payment solution.

Initially, users would post currency rate enquiries on the Crown Take Facebook page, which would all have to be answered manually – a time-consuming task. RollAngle sought to find a simpler solution to this process, one that would be time-efficient for Crown Take.

The solution RollAngle came up with, and that we are currently working on, is the setting up of a Crown Take WeChat account with a built-in autoreply rate engine. In the near future, Crown Take’s customers will be able to send in their HKD-RMB enquiries to the WeChat account, from which they will receive an autoreply informing them of the exchange rate of their requested amount. Through migrating over to this WeChat process, RollAngle will be able to eliminate the manual and time-consuming process of answering individual enquiries on the Facebook platform, allowing for Crown Take’s business to run smoother and more efficiently.


DATE: 2012-2016
CLIENT: Crown Take
FACEBOOK: crowntake