Blue Lagoon, an online fashion store specializing in Korean clothing, sought our services in setting up their online retail business in 2012. After a brief hiatus in our professional relationship, in 2013 we started up our partnership again to work on relaunching Blue Lagoon’s website, revamping their brand image with a new layout, new look, and new products. Not only did we work on the website design development but we also placed our efforts in managing their Facebook page, such as increasing their ad budget. We were successful in increasing their followers and sales substantially increased as a result. As of 2014 we’ve started the Blue Lagoon membership program to further boost sales; RollAngle built up this program through an extensive competitor analysis, and through analyzing the structure and pricing of the market to position Blue Lagoon at an advantageous position.


DATE: 2012-Ongoing
CLIENT: Blue Lagoon
FACEBOOK: bluelagoonstyle