Our most recent project was with All Stars Investment Limited, a new startup company specialising in hedge funds.

Alongside a series of preparation work to set up the business, the company also had to decide on one of the most important aspects of their brand — designing a brand logo. Prior to our venture, All Stars Investment Limited was not satisfied with their logo as it did not look as expected when printed on a three-dimensional lacquered signboard and when applied to plastic surfaces.

Though the owners could not articulate which exact elements needed to be changed, our design team has spotted components that could be improved by identifying the needs of All Stars Investment Limited. To perform the retouches on the brand logo, we had to overcome several challenges. Other than having to adapt the logo seamlessly into different kinds of mediums, we also had to keep the most of existing elements of the design.

In improving the brand’s logo, our designers have made minor changes, such as fine tuning its proportion, colour and contrast. Additionally, to ensure a strong logo which works harmoniously across media platforms, we have incorporated the retouched logo into all kinds of mediums, including mobile and desktop versions of the website, business cards, letterhead, envelope, and other basic stationery. Ultimately, we have made sure the logo would look consistently beautiful whether being applied on two or three dimensional materials.

As visuality is an essential part of forming brand identity, we at RollAngle place enormous importance on careful graphic design. With the new retouched logo, not only have we smoothly transitioned the design into all media platforms, we have also placed All Stars Investment Limited into a more professional position while reinforcing its the brand identity. We were able to apply changes and enhance the original logo, while not altering the integral part of the original artwork. It is simply this flexibility and our meticulous attention to details that differentiates us with other marketing and design companies. In designing graphics, web solutions, marketing and branding strategies, we strive to consider the specific needs of your business and take different factors into account.


Year: 2014
Client: All-Stars Investment Limited