A-Plus is one of Hong Kong’s prized corporate firms focused on enhancing firms’ productivity and work efficiency. When A-Plus first came to us early 2016, we were tasked with creating a website that reflected the high-quality service that the company provides its clients. While we were initially challenged with familiarizing ourselves with the company’s programs and products, as it is necessary research to do effectively create a suitable website, our largest challenge was to make a trilingual website with a responsive interface.

As such, we aimed to create an intuitive and responsive website that effectively enhances the brand’s image and reflects the company’s service of team building and improving cooperation in the workplace. In addition, we redesigned and formatted the company’s program brochures to mirror the modernity of the company’s techniques and tactics.


Year: 2016
Client: A-Plus
Website: aplus-ap.com/

Objective: To create a website and brochure regarding the company’s profile

Challenge: Understanding the company’s programs and products; creating a trilingual responsive webpage, whilst enhancing the brand image to look even more modern and professional.

Solution: Create intuitive and responsive webpage to enhance the brand’s image as a professional aid in building team effort and cooperation for their clients; redesign company program brochures to reflect the high quality service that A-Plus provides.

Result: A professional and informative website layout that reflects high quality service