POEM Wedding Photography

POEM is a local wedding photograph specialist with Thomas Ng as the leading and chief photographer. With the belief that couples “wed to express, not to impress,” Thomas and the team boost a photojournalistic style that seeks to capture not only pictures, but the story behind.

POEM Wedding Photography Facebook

Commissioned to be their Facebook page manager since mid-2014, RollAngle team’s biggest objective was to create contents for POEM that are engaging yet, at the same time, poetic and true to POEM’s differentiation amongst its competitor – its style and interpretation of wedding events.

For this, our team helped POEM set up an editorial calendar that takes into account their most recent work and wedding fair schedules, ranging from work showcase to practical wedding tips. Our team helped convey a clearer brand image, leading to wider awareness among target customers and a hike in posts engagement.

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Year: July 2014 - Jan 2015 Client: POEM Facebook: poemhk