La Brise


To kick start and develop brand identity and digital marketing platform (logo, social media, name card, website), to provide and build search engine management (SEM)


The beauty industry is a very competitive market with smaller niche center types (medical centers, treatment specific centers, etc.). Therefore, building up a repertoire for a new brand name places a challenge.


Create and establish Facebook page and website, use online surveys to promote trial offers and deals, utilize KOL’s and celebrity endorsements to spread brand awareness.


A sleek new logo, focused brand direction, interactive website, and social media channels

La Brise is a beauty center based in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. When they came to us early 2016, they were still undergoing their pre-launch phase, and requested for us to find a brand direction, create a logo, and discover the most effective way to market themselves in the local industry.

The project first started with preliminary research that focused on both competitor landscape in Hong Kong and coming up with a branding direction. Based on a visual branding guideline that showed direction to being modern, feminine, and nature oriented, La Brise has since established marketing materials that maintain a consistent image.

Moreover, due to the fact that Hong Kong’s beauty market is already considerably saturated (with their being simple cosmetic clinics, medical clinics, etc.), the most effective way of increasing exposure and building a repertoire was to find and focus on specific treatments to fit into a niche group. Moreover, as a solution to inviting more customers to come to the Causeway Bay facility, we created mobile surveys promoting free treatment trials and a Facebook page to incite customer engagement.


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Year: 2016-Ongoing Client: La Brise Website: Facebook: labrisehk/