Couple Bottle

The brand approached us in 2012. We were struck by its interesting brand value that with the volume of its wine being “just right for two”, the appreciation of wine can also be healthy, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. We liked the idea, and wanted to give the lifestyle brand the awareness it deserves. We suspected that it would not be easy to make it commercially successful if we promoted it as a lifestyle brand.

Even though a couple of our campaigns ended up being more successful with the Taiwanese market, attracting thousands of Likes on Facebook, we decided that “getting customers who like the brand most” suits our vision much better than simply “getting more likes”. Thus we narrowed down our target market to Hong Kong alone on Facebook, and we implemented a complete branding and marketing strategy in full swing.

  • Re-branding
We set off re-branding Couple Bottle, concentrating on its online presence. We built up a brand new online shop that not only looks snazzy and consistent with its image and concept, but with improved functions that were much more user friendly across multiple digital devices. This created a hassle-free shopping experience without corroding the brand’s lifestyle values. We sharpened the brand’s concept in words, brainstorming a slogan that combined several values of the brand, and fine-tuned the description of the brand.


  • Marketing

We also took the initiative to market the brand and create better engagement with the target customers; that is, the real wine buffs. We delved into the unique features of the brand and hammered out the stories of wine bottles, posting contents that really engage the wine lovers on Facebook. We ended up seeing only minor dwindling of Likes on Couple Bottle’s Facebook page. The fact is, we know that some users who are not really wine lovers might quit the page, while those who are real wine lovers or somehow intrigued by the brand will stay.

  • Facebook Page Management


  • Couple Bottle TV Commercial -Now_101  – July 2013

  • Sustainable strategy

It takes a lot more time to research and brainstorm ideas that are effective for a sustained period of time. It takes even more time to sustain a lifestyle brand, bringing out its forte while making it a successful business. It is a long journey but we’re proud to see that with the help of RollAngle, Couple Bottle is gradually emerging as an exciting brand.

Year: 2012-present Client: Couple Bottle Website: Facebook: couplebottle