From overall design solutions to market analysis and brand positioning, RollAngle delivers a whole set of professional branding consultancy that aims to position and present your brand in the right way to hit your target customers.



At RollAngle we develop your brand strategy by first carrying out a competitor analysis whereby we push your brand to be positioned at a spot with the most opportunity. Then, we help building your identity and brand experience of your firm by providing several design solutions such as website, product package, stationary, name card and more. Lastly, we believe brand delivery is a crucial part of the brand development process, which is why we provide high-quality internal training to our clients and the related front line staff in order to help them in delivering a compelling brand image that aligns with the brand positioning.



一品旺 Karss

Karss is a brick-and-click company based in Hong Kong that focuses on natural health products and targets markets in both Hong Kong and the mainland…


Couple Bottle

The brand approached us in 2012. We were struck by its interesting brand value that with the volume of its wine being “Just Right for Two”


All-Stars Investment Limited

The most recent project of RollAngle was with All Stars Investment Limited, a new startup company specialising in hedge funds…


Forbidden City Limited

Forbidden City Ltd. was founded in Hong Kong in 1997. The Company offers a range of contemporary Chinese furniture uniquely designed for modern living…