RollAngle as your holistic business solution

At RollAngle, we believe branding and marketing do not purely focus on the design or marketing channels; we believe it is an entire process. Our process provides you with a one-stop solution and a comprehensive analysis of your entire business. Our in-depth analysis includes all aspects of building a successful brand — Research, Planning & Positioning, Strategy Execution, and Analysis. Instead of having stand-alone services, our offerings come in a holistically integrated branding and marketing package.

To be your one-stop marketing service provider


We offer a whole set of professional branding consultancy and deliverable to make sure your brand is positioned at the right angle and presented in the right way to hit your target customers.


We build sleek online shops for online retail businesses to ensure an intuitive shopping experience for customers.

Social Media Marketing

We provide affordable marketing packages, including marketing consultancy and flexible campaigns, that cater to your special needs and that could substantially boost your business.

Custom-built Solution

We design other tailored solutions, such as copywriting, campaign planning, and multimedia services, that is created specifically just for your brand.